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英语专业论文题目 (中英对照) (2011-10-16 10:37:47)

标签: 杂谈

Red and White-----the Dual Symbolic Colors of Tess白色和红色-----苔丝的双重象征色

Fang Hongjian-the Tragic Figure Struggling in “Fortress Besieged” 挣扎于“围城”中的悲剧人物-方鸿渐

Hester and Dimmesdale’s Attitudes towards Love and life in The Scarlet Letter


On Sister Carrie’s Criticism upon American Society论<<嘉莉妹妹>>对美国社会的批判意义

On Scarlett’s Attitude towards Life关于斯佳丽的生活观

On the Characterization of Picaresque Huck论哈克的流浪汉形象

On the Moral Spirit in the Great Gatsby. 论《了不起的盖茨比》中的道德观

Thomas Hardy’s Pessimism in Tess of the D’urbervelles托马斯.哈代在《德伯家的苔丝》中的悲观主义

A Study of Tom Joad in the Grapes of Wrath《愤怒的葡萄》的中汤姆 约德研究


Mark Twain’s Linguistic Style in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

浅析《汤姆索娅历险记》中马克 吐温的语言风格

On the Characteristics of Uncle Tom汤姆叔叔的性格分析

A Study of the Themes in a Farewell to Arms《永别了,武器》的主题思想研究

The Tragic Fate of “a Pure Woman” in the Conflict of the Individual and the Society


On the Language Style of a Midsummer-Night's Dream论《仲夏夜之梦》的语言风格

The Social Significance of Swift's Gulliver's Travels《格列佛游记》的社会意义

The Psychological Analysis in Macbeth论莎士比亚《麦克白》的心理刻画

Inflexible Ada in Cold Mountain《冷山》中执著的艾达

On the Romanticism and Realism of Alice in Wonderland论爱丽丝梦游仙境的童话性与现实性

On the Tragicomedy of Rebecca in Vanity Fair论《名利场》中利蓓加的悲喜一生内容来自dedecms

On the Humour of Oliver Twist论《雾都孤儿》的幽默艺术

Tom Jones, a Dissipated but Kindhearted Man放荡而又善良的汤姆琼斯

The Free Will and Rebellious Spirit in Paradise Lost失乐园》中的自由意志和反叛精神

《On the Development of Shylock’s Character论夏洛克的性格发展

Morality and Criticism in Tom Jones评《汤姆 琼斯》中的道德观与批评观

On Imogen, the New Feminine Image in Cymbeline论《辛白林》中伊慕琴的新女性形象

Burns’ View on Love and Friendship论彭斯的爱情友谊观

The Reflection of Art and Life in Ode on a Grecian Urn and Ode on a Nightingale希腊古瓮颂》《夜莺颂》中艺术与生活的对照

The Womanism in "The Color Purple"紫色》中的《妇女主义

On the Differences between Chinese and Westerners in Non-language Communication谈中国人和英美人非语言交际的差异

On the Contribution of the American Blacks during American Civil War美国黑人在美国历史上的贡献 织梦好,好织梦

On American Black English浅谈美国黑人英语

On the Differences of the Marriage Concept between Chinese and American浅谈中美婚姻观念的差异

A Contrastive Analysis of Table Manners and Culture between China and Western Countries


On the Ideological Content in Bacon’s Essays论培根散文的思想性

Women's Movement in 1960s in American美国六十年代的妇女运动

Analysis the negative effects of violent television and movie on children浅析影视暴力对青少年儿童的负面影响

The Influence of Chinese Cultural Circumstances on English Learning汉语环境对英语学习的影响

A Comprehension of Male Centrad Literature through A Doll’s House从《玩偶之家》解读男性中心的文学

A Sad Melody Mocking the Love of God ------Anlaysis of the Figures in “Mccullough”

一曲嘲弄上帝爱情的悲歌 --论《荆棘鸟》中人物分析

本文来自织梦 Love Reflected by Individual Character-view of marriage in Pride and Prejudice

copyright dedecms 由个性反映出爱--《傲慢与偏见》中的婚姻观

On the Initiative of English Learners论英语学习者的主动性

On Techniques in Mark Twain’s Satiric Works论马克吐温讽刺小说中的技巧

Analysis of the Character of Nancy in Oliver Twist论狄更斯《雾都孤儿》中南希的人物性格

Strategies for Promoting Interactive English Teaching论英语教学如何走进交际互动课堂

The Puritanism in New England of the 17th Century Reflected by Scarlet Letter


Translation of the Guide Words in Tourism English论导游词在旅游英语中的翻译

Skills and the Translation of Puns in English Advertisement英语广告中双关语的运用技巧及翻译

On the Fairy-tale Language Characteristics and Religion in Journey to the West


Campus Catch-words and the Difference of Thinking Modes between Chinese and Foreign Students


Body Language in English Teaching体态语在英语教学中的运用

Forest Gump’s Language Characteristics in Forest Gump《阿甘正传》中阿甘的语言特色

The Symbolic Meanings in Scarlet Letter《红字》中的若干象征意义

On English Retelling浅谈英语复述

On interesting English teaching浅谈英语爱好教学

Look through Hawthorne's people in the Scarlet Letter看透《红字》中霍桑所写人物

Translation Technique on the Complete Sherlock novels谈《福尔摩斯探案集》的翻译技巧

Comments on the words used in teaching 浅谈教学用语

On the Excessive Transition in the English Learning of Chinese Students


On the difference in the Cultural fondness of Sino-America浅析中美文化的喜好差异

On Ambitiousness in Communication in English论英语交际中的语用歧义 copyright dedecms

A Comparison on the Cultural differences in appellation between Chinese and English 汉英称谓系统的文化对比

A comparative study of word order in English and Chinese coordinate constructions and their translations


On application of Activities-based approach in English teaching浅谈活动教学法在英语教学中的应用

On Children's Education between China and America对中美孩童教育的思考

On the Relationship between English Study and Gender Differences浅谈英语学习与性别差异

On the Phenomena of Negative Transference in Translation翻译中的负迁移现象浅析

On the design of multiple-choice lutes in reading comprehension论阅读理解中多项选择题的设计

On the Culture Penetration in English Teaching in Senior Middle School谈高中英语教学中的文化渗透

Briefly on the Culture Penetration in the Net Game浅谈网络游戏中的文化渗透 copyright dedecms

Relationship between Teaching and Learning during the English Enlighten Education启蒙英语教育中的教与学

English Teaching Orientation in the Background of the New Curriculum新课程背景下英语教学的转向

On the Rationality of Selecting English Textbooks英语教材选用的公道性研究

The Advantage and Disadvantage of Bilingual Teaching双语教学的利与弊

The Goal of English Teaching in Senior Middle School高中英语教学目标初探

New Trends of Writing Teaching in English写作教学的新趋势

How to Define and Translate the Meaning of Polysemant in English-Chinese translation


On How to construct Interpersonal Environment in Class论课堂人际环境的构建

On TPR in the Primary English Classroom小学英语课堂反应法探索

The Impact of Social Background on Scar let’s Marriage社会背景对斯佳丽婚姻的影响 copyright dedecms

The Sun Also Rises and Its Social Context太阳照样升起和其社会背景

Pause Phenomenon in EFL Learners英语初学习者的停顿现象

Meaning and Paraphrase: A Strategic Model含义和释义:一种战略模式

The Prominence of Discourse话语的突显

On Man’s Tragic End--Viewed from The Old Man and the Sea从老人与海看人的悲剧

Some Fresh Thoughts on English Teaching in Classroom英语课堂教学的新思考

On Conrad’s Narrative Technique--From “Nostromo” 从“Nostromo”看康拉德的叙事技巧

A contrastive study of Directional verbs in Chinese and English中英趋向动词的比较研究

Semantics’ Influence on Structure语义对结构的影响

The Impact on Structures Change by Cognition认知对结构变化的影响

Social Psychological Factors and Their Influence on Ell社会心理因素和他们对语言学习的影响

Learner-Centered College English Teaching“以学习者为中心”的大学英语教学


Contextual Restriction in Translation语境对翻译的限制

Contrastive Analysis of English-Chinese Tourism Texts英汉旅游篇章对比分析

Amplification and Omission in Translation翻译中的信息增减

Three Techniques in English-Chinese Alternating Translation中英互译中的三个技巧

Analysis of Tess’ Tragedy苔丝悲剧的分析

Translation and Business-oriented Terms经贸术语及其翻译

Application of Games in Middle School English Teaching游戏在中学英语教学中的运用

Transformational Technique of Parts of Speech in Translation翻译中词性转换的技巧

Non-verbal Behaviors for Activating Students in English Classes英语课堂中激活学生的非语言行为

Application of Absolute Construction in Interpretation独立主格在口译中的运用

Effect on Translation from Different English-Chinese Modes of Thinking中英思维方式的差异对翻译的影响

On Ways of Breaking Cultural Barriers in Translation of Human Names如何克服人名翻译中的文化障碍

织梦好,好织梦 On Translation of Chinese Dishes论中国菜名的英译

On Translation Skills of Traditional Chinese Medical Terms论中医用语的翻译技巧

On Influence of Cultural Differences on Understanding English and Chinese Advertisements


On Aesthetic Association and Translation of Names of Commodities论审美联想与商品名的翻译

On Changes of Business Etiquettes in Cross-Cultural Communication论跨文化交际中商务礼节的变迁

On Tragic Fate of the Heroin in Life论<一生>中女主人公的悲剧命运

On Language Communication Skills in Business Negotiation论商务谈判中语言沟通技巧

On Comprehending and Usage of Euphemism in Business Negotiation论商务谈判中委婉语的理解和运用

On Influence of American Culture on Import and Export Commodities论美国文化对进出口商品翻译的影响

On Application of Nonverbal Means in Communication论非语言形式在交际中的运用

copyright dedecms Cultural Gap and Mistranslation英汉文化差异与误译

On The Nature and functions of Metaphor论隐喻的本质与功能

On the Status and Role of the Translator in Literary Translation论文学翻译中译者的地位与作用

On the Origin, Word-Formation and Translation of English Neologisms浅谈英语新词的产生、构成及翻译

On Discourse as the Unit of Translation浅谈以语篇为翻译单位

A Study on Punctuation and Omission in Simultaneous Interpretation论同声传译中的断句与省略

The Comparison and Translation of “Nine” in Chinese and Western Culture英汉数字“九”的文化对比与翻译

The length and width of the English study in the translation part of the TEM8


A Brief Study on the Translation of English News Titles英语新闻标题翻译初探

Knowledge Base in Professional Interpreting论专业口译的基础知识 织梦好,好织梦

On Translation Techniques of Loanwords浅谈外来语的翻译

A Study of Application and Translation of Idiomatic Usages of English Preposition


Strategies and Impact on Education from China’s Entry into WTO WTO 对中国教育的影响及对策

The Cultural Influence on English Expressions and Word Choices文化对英语表达和词汇的影响

Application of Inverted Sentences in English浅谈英语中的倒装

Decomposition and Translation of Ambiguous Structures歧义结构的化解与翻译

The Orientation of Nonfiction in Contemporary English Literature英语记录文学在当代文学中的定位

On Presenting New Teaching Materials of Junior English论中学英语教学材料的呈现

Function of Discourse in Translation语篇功能在翻译中的表现

Function of Translation in English Teaching翻译在英语教学中的地位

The Regional Differences between Chinese and Western Culture中西文化差异之地域文化差异


Non-equivalence between Chinese and English Idioms and Intercultural differences


Usage and Translation of Numerals in English Expressions英语中数目词组中的用法和翻译技巧

A Contrastive Study of the Formation of English and Chinese Antonyms论英汉反义词的形成

Various Factors Reducing the Efficiency of English Learning论影响英语学习成效的各种因素

Chicago as a Mirror of American Social Problems电影《芝加哥》所透析出的美国社会题目

A Contrastive Study of Animal Cultural Implication between Chinese and English英汉语动物文化含义比较

On the Development of English New Words英语新词的发展

On the Usage of English Abbreviations on the Internet谈网络英语中的缩略语

My View on Rhett in Gone with Wind白瑞德DDDD理想化的男人,斯嘉丽真正的灵 -------我? 《飘》中的白瑞

>> he Cultural Difference between Chinese and Western Foodd试论中西餐饮文化差 织梦内容治理系?

> On American Dream ------Viewed from ister Carriee》从《嘉莉妹妹》看美国

>> y view on the Classic Standpoint of love of Jane Austinn从《爱玛》看简。奥斯丁的古典主义爱情

>>  Contrastive Study of Punctuation in Chinese and Englishh英汉标点符号比

>> n the Relationship between Lexical Cohesion and Textual Coherencee词汇的衔接与语篇的连

>> n The Efficient ways to improve Listening Comprehension in Englishh论进步英语听力的几种有效方

>> hought Discrepancies Embodied in English and Chinese Languagess思维差异在英汉语言中的体

>> he Effect of Positive Emotional Factors in English Teachingg英语教学中学生情感态度的培

>> nfluences of Chinese Dialectical Accent over English Pronunciationn汉语方言对英语发音的影

>>  Contrastive Analysis of English-Chinese Conversational Implicationn英汉会话含义的解

>> ultural Divergence and Schema of Reading in Mother Tongue and the Second Language

> copyright dedecms 母语和第二语言阅读的文化差异与认知体?

> Language Development of Pre-school Children and English Teachinggg幼儿言语发展及幼儿英语教?

> A Comparative Study of English and Chinese Prosodic Featuresss从英汉对比角度浅析英汉节律特?

> The Influences of Chinese-British Cultural Differences on International Business Protocol

>> 中英文化差异对国际商务礼节的影?

> A Probe into the Characteristics of English Affix Systemmm浅谈英语词缀系统的特?

> Color words and Chinese and Western Cultural Differencesss颜色词与中西文化的差?

> A Comparative Study between American Sign Language and American Englishhh美国手势语和美国英语比?

> The Relationship between the Psychological Characteristic of Middle School Student and English Study

>> 中学生心理特征与英语学习的关?

> A Tentative Study on English Hyperboleee浅论英语夸张修?

> Influence of Pragmatism on American Ideas of Valuesss实用主义对美国人价值观的影?

> dedecms.com Sino-western Cultural Shock and the English Studyyy中西文化冲突与英语学?

> copyright dedecms Comparisons of Sino-U.S Family Educationnn中美家庭教育的比?

> Influence of Puritanism on American Ideas of Valuesss清教对美国人价值观的影?

> On the Comparison of Chinese and English Expressions on Politenessss中英礼貌用语比?

> The Influence of Sino-British Cultures on Metaphorsss论中英文化对隐语的影?

> A Contrastive Study on Chinese and English Exclamatory Wordsss汉英感叹词对比研?

> On the Meanings of Images in Moby Dickkk论《白鲸》中的象征意?

> On Politeness Norms and Mistakes in Interactive Communication of Spoken English

>> 英汉口语中互?***际的礼貌规范与失

>> n Sino-British Cultural Perceptions from Dianaas Deathhh从戴安娜之死说中英文化观念差?

> On Sino-Western Cultural Differences from Numerical Idiomsss从数字习语看中西文化差?

> On the Importance of Oral English in English Teachinggg浅析口语在英语教学中的重要?

> On Cultural Differences from Chinese and Western Mythologiesss从中西神话看文化差?

> 内容来dedecms Exploration on Womennn Status in Marriage from To the Lighthousee从《到灯塔往》探索婚后女性的地

>> n the Influence of SLA on English Teaching in Chinaa第二语言习得对中国英语教学的影

>> ffects of Non-Verbal Factors on Interpretationn非语言因素对口译的影

>> n the Prospects of E-Business in Chinaa电子商务在当代中国的发展远

>>  Comparison between Female Old Images in Jane Eyre and New Images in Gone with the Wind

> 比较《简爱》中女性“陈规形象”与《飘》中女性“新形象

>> he Comparison of Attitudes Towards Marriage Between Ashley and Butler in Gone with the Windd《飘》中白瑞德和阿希礼的婚姻观比

>> he Application of Functional Approaches in Literary Tran学英语的方法slationn功能翻译理论在文学翻译中的运

>>  Contrastive Study on Love Tragedy Between Romeo & Juliet and Butterflies in Love & Zhu-Yingtaii罗米欧与朱丽叶和梁山伯与祝英台的爱情悲剧对比研 copyright dedecms

>> he Attitudes towards love in The Hunckback of Notre Damee论《巴黎圣母院》中的爱情

>> n analysis on the Development of American News*** Industry and Freedom of the Press

> 浅析美国报业发展与新闻自

>> he Application of Figures of Speech in English Advertisement and Its Translation

> 修辞在英语广告中的运用及其翻

>> he Self-salvation of Hester Prynne and Nathaniel Hawthornees Attitudes towards religion

>> 海丝? 白兰的自救与霍桑的宗教

>> he Immortal Charm of Huck in the Adventures of Huckleberry Finnn《哈克贝 费恩》的永恒魅?

> An Analysis of the Theme in For Whom the Bell Tollsss《战地钟声》的主题研?

> The Comparison of Individualism between Moby Dick and the Old Man and the Sea

>> 《白鲸》和《老人与海》中的个人主义比?

> An Analysis of the Personality of Holden in Catcher in the Ryeee麦田里的守看者》中主人公霍顿的性格分?

> A Study on the Tragic0Theme of Moment in Pekinggg《京华烟云》的悲剧主题研?


>> eatures of Network Language and Its Translationn网络用语的特点及其翻

>> n the Application of the Communicative Approach from English and Chinese Writing

> 《从中英学生写作看英语交际教学法的应用

>> ain Factors Affecting Interactive Communicationn《影响互*****际的主要因素?

> Analysis of Wordsworthhh Contradictory Conception of Naturee《华兹华斯自然观中的矛盾分析

>> n the Application of Story-telling Technique in English Teachingg《浅谈故事教学法

>> nalysis of Natural People and Social People in the Scarlet Letterr《红字中自然人与社会人的分析

>> ifferences between AE and BE in Their Growth and Linguistic Features

> 《英式英语和美式英语在历史起源和语言学特征上的差异

>> n the Sin in the Scarlet Letterr《浅谈红字中的罪

>> sychoanalysis of Julianns Morbid Passionnn《于连病?***中的深层心理结构分析

>> merican movies and American characteristicss美国电影与美国民族特

>> ummings --Unusual Talent in American Poetry World and His Visual Poetry

> 《美国诗坛怪才康明思和他的视觉诗

>> omparative Analysis on Chinese and English Vocabularyy《英汉词汇对比分析

>> he Influence of Family Education on Childrenns Socializationnn《论家庭教育对儿童社会性发展的影响?

> Pragmatic Analysis on the Approximating Quantities with Numbersss《数词模糊语的语用分析?

> On the Stimulation and Cultivation of Motivationnn《学习动机的激发与培养?

> On Special Usage of English Prepositionsss英语介词的另类用?

> On Fault Use of Words in Law Englishhh论法律英语里的用词失?

> On Characteristics Usage of Medical Englishhh论医学英语的特?

> Apparently True but Actually False and Opposite in Englishhh英文中的似是而非似非而?

> On Compounds Constructions in Englishhh英语复合结构浅?

> Mergers and Acquisitionsss并购策略及对中国企业的启? 内容来dedecms

>> n Translation of Passive Voice of Englishh英语被动语态的译法初

>> n Ways of Forms of English Customary Usagee英语惯用语形成途径探

>> n Hyperbole in English and Chinesee浅谈英汉中的正夸张和反夸张手

>> bout Usage of Letter SSS?in Englishh英语中的字SSS的用法探?

> Usage and Translation of ndd 英文中礱nd 的用法与译

>> √逵⒂锏奶?

>> sage and Reason of Foreignism in Chinesee汉语中外来词的使 现状及原?

> Strategies for Improving Middle School Studentsss?Reading Abilityy中学生阅读能力进步的策

>> inds, Construction and Other Characteristics of English Color Wordss英汉色彩词的种类,结构与其它特

>> nter-translation of Humor of English and Chinesee英汉的幽默互

>> he Effect of Non-intellect and Factors in English Teachingg非智力因素在英语教学中的影

>> n Adaptation and Alienation of Translationn论翻译的回化与异

>> edecms.com Evolution of Contemporary American English and Its Translationn当代美语嬗变与翻

>> ultural Trapss of Translationn翻译的文化陷

>> he Comparison and Translation of Chinese-English Love Poemss中英爱情诗歌特点比较及翻

>> n Chinese Translation of English Metaphorr英语隐喻的汉

>> exical Translation in Concrete Contextt具体语境中语义的翻

>> n Texical Translation from English _ Chinese Cultural Differencess从英汉文化差异的角度谈词汇翻

>> n Skills of Writing a Business Letterr贸易信函的写作技

>> nglish _ Chinese Similes and Their Translationn略谈英汉明喻及其翻

>> n the Characteristics of Business Negotiation Language and Its Translationn商务谈判用语特点及翻

>> anguage Characteristics and Skills for an English Tour Guidee英语导游翻译的语言艺术与技

>> kills for English Translation of Ancient Chinese Poemss古诗翻译的英译技

>> lternating Translation of English and Chinese Attributivess论英汉互译中定语的翻 内容来譫edecms

> Introducing culture in secondary school English teachinggg在英语教学?,文化导进的重要

>> haracteristics of American Slangss美国俚语特点初

>>  Comparative Study of English and Chinese Polite Expressionss英汉礼貌表达比较研

>> ultural Difference and Its Influence on Second Language Learningg文化差异对第二语言学习的影

>> pplication of Non-verbal Communication in Language Teachingg非语言交际手段在语言教学中的运

>> iddle School English Teaching and Environment Establishmentt中学英语教学与环境设

>> roblems of and Strategies for English Teaching through Multimedia Technologyy多媒体英语教学所面临的题目与对

>>  Comparison of the Value of Love between Baoyu Daiyu and Jane Rochesterr宝黛爱情与简爱罗彻特爱情观之比 本文来自织?

> On the Relationship between Translation and Cultural Backgrounddd论翻译与文化背景知识的关?

> Cultural Difference in the Traditional Chinese and Western Festivals 论翻译与文化背景知识的关?

> Basic Problems of English Listening Training and the Effect on the Middle School Students

>> 中学基础英语听力练习题目以及对学生的影?

> A Comparative Study of 通竌nd Synaesthesiaa英汉通感比较研

>> ragmatic Competence and Oral English Teachingg语用能力的培养与英语口语教

>> nalysis of the Factors upon SLAA影响第二语言习得的因素分

>> he Characteristics of English News and Its Translationn英语新闻特征及其汉

>> he Advantages and Disadvantages of Sino-American Secondary School Educationn中美中学教育利弊分

>> eflection of Euphemism onto the Psychological Factors of Social Culturee论英语委婉语在社会文化心理因素中的映

>> he Significance of Context in Teaching Listeningg语境在听力教学中的意

>> ?br />
> A Brief Study on Register and English Learninggg浅谈语域与英语学?

> On the Aesthetic Value of Alliterationnn试论头韵的审美价?

> A Contrastive Study on the Two Male Heroes of the Scarlet Letterrr《红字》中两个男主角的对比分?

> Transfer of the Mother Tongue in Teaching Englishhh英语教学中母语的迁移作?

> The Influence of American Culture on the Language of Its Moviesss美国文化对其电影的影?

> A Probe into the New Words Emerging from English Moviesss英语电影中的新词探?

> Gender Differences in Speashhh言语中的性别差?

> Effective Ways of Improving Preschool Childrennn Spoken Englishh浅谈儿童英语口语教学有效方

>> n Dual Nature of Heathclifffs Personality in Wuthering Heightsss《咆哮山庄》中希克厉性格的双重性分?

> Comparison of the Use of Satirical between Swift and Luxunnn斯威夫特与鲁迅讽刺艺术之比?

> On Improving Middle School Studentsss?English Reading Comprehensionn浅谈中学生英语阅读理解能力的培

>> ?br />
> Analysis of the Psychology of the Catcher in the Ryeee《麦田的守看者》人物的心理分?

> The Application of Communicative Approach in Oral English Teachinggg交际法在英语口语教学中的运?

> Techniques of Listening in English Learninggg试论英语学习进耳力的技?

> Application of Multimedia Technology in Middle School English Teachinggg多媒体在中学英语教学中的应?

> On Female Characters and Symbol Environment in the Return of the Nativeee《还乡》中女性现象及其环境象征意?

> On Male Hero in Sons and Loversss论《儿子与情人》中的男性?

> On Political Factors in English-Chinese Translationnn翻译中政治因素的作?

> On the Embodiment of Cultural Specifications of Western Cartoon Moviesss论西?***片所体现的文化特

>> ew Tendencies of Bush Second-Term Administration and its Foreign Policies toward Taiwann论布什政府新任期的对台政

>> erspectives of Sino-American Regional Cultural Differences through Western Development and Westward Movement

> 本文来自织

>> 从西部开发看中美地域文化之差?

> Impact of Sino-American Family Education Patterns on Thinking Development 论中美家庭教育模式对儿童思维发展的影?

> Advantages and Disadvantages of American Education System from American Juvenile Delinquency

>> 从美国青年犯罪的分析论美国教育体制的优?

> Impact of Game Theory on the U.S. Economic Conductions 论“博奕论”对美国经济的影?

> Theoretical Bases of U.S. Constitution and its Relevance to European Political Thoughts

>> 论美国宪法的理论基础及与相关西方政治思潮的联?

> On Social and Cultural Origins of Naturalism in the History of American Literatureee论美国文学中的自然主义产生的社会文化根?

> Brief Analysis on Current Situation of American One-Mother Familyyy当今美国单身母亲家庭现状浅?

> Impact of 增强记忆力的方法Globalization on Cross-Cultural Exchangeee论全球化对跨文化交流的影?

> Impact of Roosevelttt New Deal on American Economy During and After the Great Depression 本文来自织

>> 分析罗斯福总统的“新政”对大萧条期间及之后对美国经济的影?

> A Brief Analysis of the Characteristics of Political Slang in American Englishhh浅析美国英语中政治俚语的特?

> A Brief Analysis on the Philosophical Bases of Martin Luther Kinggg Human Rightss浅析马 路? 金民权思想中的哲学基

>> 织梦好,好织?

> Religion's Significant Status in Modern American Societyyy宗教在现代美国社会中的重要地?

> The Application of Personification in Advertisinggg广告英语中拟人的应?

> Cultural Differences between Chinese and Western Marriageee中西婚姻文化差?

> The Impact of Chinaaa Entry into WTO on Its Household Appliance Industry and the Countermeasure

> 加WTOOO对中国家电行业的影响和对?

> How to Set Up and Control the Distribution Channel in International Tradeee国际贸易中如何建立和控制营销渠?

> Process and Strategies of Cross-cultural Negotiation 跨文化谈判的过程和技?

> Language Characteristics of English Business Contractsss商务合同的语言特?

> Development tactics of Chinese Retail Business after the WTO Accessionnn中国零售业的发展策?

> Influence of Cultural Differences on English Reading Comprehensionnn文化差异对阅读理解的影?

> The Influence of Cultural Differences on the Choice of the Visual Angle in Translation 内容来譫edecms

> 浅议中西文化的差异对翻译视角选择的影

>> cquisition of Function words in English Learningg浅谈英语学习中虚词的把

>> ords and Expressions Belittling the Femalee女性歧视化用词和表达法研

>> ulti-cultural Conflicts and Combination in Cross-cultural Managementt跨文化治理中多元文化的融合和冲

>> o Explore the Cultural Difference through Advertisement Originalityy从广告创意看中西文化观念的差

>> o Explore the Cultural Difference through Business English Translationn从商务英语翻译看英汉文化差

>> nvoluntary Escape ---Life Experience of Female in The Hoursss?

> 不自主的逃 ----“时时刻刻”中女性的生命体?

> On the Abbreviations of Business Englishhh浅论商务英语的缩略?

> On the Oriental Education Thoughts under the Influence of Western Cultureee西方文化对东方教育思维的影?

> 织梦好,好织 On the Differentiation Features of Marketing Mix in Different Marketsss论营销组合在不同市场的区别性特?

> The Analysis of the Advertiser's Goal in English Advertisement 英语广告中广告人的目标分?

> On Pragmatic Functions of Fuzzy Language in Business Englishhh模糊语言在商务英语中的语用功?

> On the People-Oriented Business Culture and Management Modelll以人为本的企业文化与治理模?

> On the Motivation of Male Students' Interests of English Learninggg论男生的英语学习爱好的激?

> Linguistic Characteristics of Business Letter and Its Translationnn涉外商务信函的语言特征及其翻?

> Informal Discussion on the English-Chinese Vocabularyyy Social Cultural Intensionn英汉词汇的社会内涵漫

>> n comparison of translation of idioms in Chinese and Englishh略论惯用语在中英文中的翻

>> hoice of correct words in translationn翻译中正确词汇的选

>> ?br />
> Strategies for removing the obstacles in college English Listeninggg大学生英语听力常见障碍应付策?

> On translation and difference between Chinese and English cultureee略论中英文化差异和翻?

> On cultural gaps and untranslabilityyy简论文化差异与不可译?

> Distinction and translation of English passives without by-phrasesss英语中无标记被动结构的识别与翻?

> On the cultural difference between Chinese and English idioms and translation methoddd略论中英语习语中的文化差异和翻译方?

>>增强记忆力的方?/a>> On the characters of English law language and translationnn略论英语法律语言的特点及翻?

> The translation method of Chinese and English film's nameee中英电影名的翻译方?

> On English Translation of Signs and Words in Public Placesss公共标识用语的英译探?

> One the Faithfulness in Chinese Classical Poetry Translationnn浅谈中国古典诗歌英译的“信?

> Effective Reading of English News***s and Magazinesss有效阅读英语报刊和杂? 织梦内容治理系

>> olution to the Difficulties in the Translation of English Idiomss英语成语翻译的难点及其解决方

>> n the Cultural Connotation of English and Chinese Idioms, and Tactics of Dealing with Cultural Differences in Translation of Idioms..论英汉习语的文化内涵及其翻译中文化差异的处

>> n Ethical Tradition in English and Chinese translationn英汉文化习俗翻译研





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